KIU Engineering and Technology Campus: Shaping the Future of Education in GB


The Vice Chancellor of KIU articulated during his visit to the under-construction Engineering and Technology Campus, that it would herald a new epoch in the educational and research landscape of GB.

Accompanied by the Director of Works and his team, the Vice Chancellor, along with the Senior Most Dean, Prof. Khalil Ahmed, toured various facilities under construction, commending the team’s relentless efforts.

He underscored that the establishment of the Engineering and Technology Campus, with an investment totaling Rs. 1350 million, would create opportunities for advanced education and groundbreaking research.

Furthermore, he envisioned attracting international faculty and students in the future. A multipurpose facility, the cafeteria , is being erected at the forefront of the campus, intended for both curricular and extracurricular activities.

While acknowledging the dedication of the Works team, he stressed the importance of completing the project by June 2024.

Additionally, a Green Technology Business Incubation Centre will be established on the campus, focusing on the development of eco-friendly products and services.

Currently, the campus boasts an enrollment of approximately 250 students in programs such as BS Mining Engineering, BS Civil Engineering Technology, and BS Electrical Engineering Technology.

The initiation of the BS Civil Engineering program is slated for 2024, pending the acquisition of the No Objection Certificate (NoC) from PEC.”

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