The Karakoram International University endeavors to become a leading institution of higher learning, meaningfully contributing to sustainable development, promoting knowledge economies and pluralistic societies in the mountainous regions of Pakistan and geographically similar landscapes elsewhere.


  1. Offering Quality academic programs in line with the local, regional & global demands
  2. Attracting & nurturing high-quality minds to address the contemporary challenges through dissemination & generation of high-quality knowledge & cutting edge research
  3. Promoting & conserving the indigenous values and creating social & ethical responsibility
  4. Trying to become financially sustainable; through commercialization of Research and Development


The University is committed to uphold and promote:

  • Excellence and quality in all its functions including scholarship in its broader aspects, careful management, and ethical considerations.
  • Acceptance of diversity and pluralism, with particular regard to gender, race, color, beliefs, culture, and religion.
  • Holistic development of its students, faculty, and staff as managers and critical users of knowledge and human resource.
  • A culture of inquiry, creativity, critical thinking, and the free exchange of thoughts.
  • The relevance of its functions to the goals of development of individuals, society, and environment at the regional and global levels.
  • Provision of efficient and effective relevant services to all internal and external stakeholder


  • Recruit and retain highly qualified faculty who are committed to deliver the expectations outlined in the vision and mission.
  • Ensure merit and quality in the admission of students.
  • Develop and deliver knowledge content that is relevant to the local context; that capitalizes on local comparative advantages.
  • Promote interactive and student centred learning.
  • Develop a culturally symbolic (architecture) and inviting campus environment.
  • Forge partnerships and networks with global knowledge networks for exchange of relevant knowledge, faculty, and student.
  • Undertake continued faculty and staff development to maintain excellence in quality.
  • Promote multidisciplinary integration of educational programs in order to enhance the versatility and entrepreneurship of its studies.
  • Facilitate “access” through “distributive” learning and “decentralization” (KIU is a multi campus University).
  • Seek multiple avenues for resource development.

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Main Campus



Administration Block

Administration Block

Bio Safty Lab

Bio Safty Lab

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