Space includes: 1 table, 2 Chairs, electrical supply. Additional services are available on request at


Road-Show/ Stalls will be open from 09h00-17h00 on Thursday 27th June to Saturday 29th June.

The application process will begin from the date of submission but not later than 20th June 2019. Applications for exhibition / Road Show space must be made using the exhibition application form. The form must be signed by a competent person. By signing the exhibition application form, the booking is binding. This agreement shall remain in full force and effect in case of merger or acquisition of the contracting company.


All payments must be made in Pak Rupee (Rs.).

50% of the total exhibition fee will be invoiced upon receipt of the completed exhibition application form and is due for payment upon receipt of the invoice to guarantee the reservation.

Final payment by 20th June 2019.

Cancellation Conditions: Cancellations and changes to your original booking must be made in writing to: Dr. Tasawar Baig:

CANCELLATION FEES: 50% of total exhibition fee if booking cancelled before 23rd June 2013. 100% of total exhibition fee will be retained thereafter. Exhibition stands must be completed, ready and manned by 16:00 on 26th June, 2019 in time, so the Opening of conference and Road show go along from 27th June 2019.


Upon receipt of the invoice, we will transfer the total exhibition fee to the conference account details on invoice. Please instruct your bank to add any bank charges to the total fee paid. Any bank charges incurred that have not been added will be charged to the respective company. The final payment shall be made not later than 20th June 2019.

Cancellation fee:   50% of total space costs if rental is cancelled before 23rd June, 2019, 100% thereafter.

Post the completed form to:

Mr. Wajid Ali Khan
Assistant Director Finance
Karakoram International University Gilgit-Baltistan, Hunza campus
Landline: +92 5813 960013-20 Ext (105) / Cell: +92 3555132539, +92 3129762744


  1. Organizer shall provide a table, chair and electricity to the stall.
  2. The prospective exhibitors should apply on application for participation together with payment. Allotment will be on “first come‐first served” basis, subject to receipt of all payments.
  3. The Road-Show will take place regardless of weather conditions.
  4. No stands or exhibits shall be dismantled or removed before the official closing time of the Exhibition on the last day of the Exhibition unless the organizers have given special permission.
  5. The organizers have absolute discretion in allotting space for Exhibitor stall(s) and the location of such stall(s). All decisions to such effect shall be final and no request for change shall be entertained.
  6. No sharing/sublet of stalls are permitted.
  7. Please do not bring your pets to the road-show area.
  8. The organisers are not responsible for any LOSS or DAMAGE.
  9. The organisers cannot store equipment or provide accommodation.
  10. You may only sell the product as per your application form & photos.
  11. Your car may only be on the premises for offloading.
  12. 50% of total space costs if rental is cancelled before 23rd June, 100% thereafter.
  13. The applicant hereby warrants that no stolen, counterfeit or illegal goods or services will be sold or offered for consumption by them or any other person operating at their stall during the event.

The applicant hereby agrees that the organisers cannot be held responsible for any Force Majeure, or the consequences thereof which may impact upon the event, or stallholders or attendees at the event.

15. No exhibitor shall engage in or permit filming, sound or video recording, telecasting, broadcasting at the exhibition venue unless prior written approval is obtained from the organiser.

I, _______________________________________ have read and accept the terms & conditions of the event. I further understand that it is my responsibility to ensure that all other people operating at my stall during or in the course of the event are aware of, and comply with these terms and conditions.

Signature ___________________

Date _______________________

Please email the completed document to or

submit directly Mr. Wajid Ali Khan, Assistant Director Finance, KIU Gilgit-Baltistan, Hunza campus by no later than 20th June 2019.

Thank you for considering participation at the road show.